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  « Like American people, American art lives both at home and abroad »
Robert Rosenblumv

For more than half a century, Western culture is deeply influenced by the triumph
of American Art.
As our world has now become totally global and open, American art deserves
a substantial new step in the 21st century by sharing its resources and its power
of innovation, enjoyment and education outside the US with significant thrilled audiences who weren’t offered a real opportunity yet.

Paris is the right place to create this new frontier. A large number of major American artists were never presented there, just as many are to be rediscovered with a fresh eye, and the new generation remains unknown.
Moreover, 28 million people from all over the world come to Paris every year to see, to share and to experience art, fashion… and food. As the n°1 global capital destination, Paris offers the largest possible audience for art on a scale that no other place can provide in the world (all museum numbers are about twice more than in New York).

This is the aim of the MOCA PARIS project.

MOCA PARIS is meant to become an international platform, connecting
American & European key cities, to share the full experience of American post-war
& contemporary art and to provide its international audience with
the elements of an insightful understanding of American culture, reaching a 1M+ visitors attendance.

Located in an exceptional historical setting in the heart of the city, MOCA’s
96 000 sq feet will make it a world class institution. On a steady rhythm, MOCA PARIS will offer blue chip artists retrospectives, cutting edge group shows, private collections displays, and pop culture exhibitions yearly. Along with a variety
of programs for education, scholarship and diversity, offering artists residences,
and a huge theater / auditorium, MOCA PARIS will bolster curatorial innovation.

Founded from scratch by visionary philanthropists, prominent art collectors and
a French foundation, MOCA PARIS is a new kind of nonprofit world class kunsthalle, inspired by the artists themselves, where the public is at the center of the symbiotic relationship between Art, Institution and Collector and will highlight
the appreciation of American art through Paris incredible cross over audience.

MOCA PARIS has secured a prime museum location in the city museum row. Fundraising is in progress both in France and in the USA. MOCA PARIS structure will get a regular 501c3 public charity status, providing its founding fathers a global social recognition through memorial naming opportunities for legacy outside
the USA as citizens of the 21st century.